High Voltage Components

High-Voltage Component Fabrication

Ensure you will not experience downtime when you rely on the manufacturing team at E Manufacturing Co. of Mentor, Ohio, to produce your high-voltage components. We provide parts and services for maintaining just about anything in your substation or generating facility.Our facility creates a wide variety of items including high-voltage components, switches, tap changers, and circuit breakers. Since 1980, our services have helped major electric companies from Hawaii to Puerto Rico.

Satisfying all mechanical requirements

Including ones not usually satisfied by repair companies

  • Contacts & Switches repair
  • New and rebuild
  • Repair and Rebuilding of Tap Changers
  • Repair and rebuilding of Oil Circuit Breakers
  • New and rebuilt Interrupters
  • Repair and rebuilding of Air Circuit Breakers
  • Arc chute replacement kits
  • Repair and rebuilding of Gas Circuit Breakers
  • New and reconditioned valve seats
  • New and reconditioned valves
  • Repair and rebuilding of Reclosers
  • Repair and rebuilding of Regulators
  • Repair and rebuilding of Operating Mechanisms
  • New replacement disconnect switch current paths
  • Increase your present phase per hour change out time from two days to one phase per hour.
  • Specially engineered to meet your existing replacement Air Break Switch

Your equipment will operate at peak efficiency with the right components. Our team will work with you to determine the exact items needed to ensure your transmission and distribution will not cease due to worn out or under-powered components.

Repairing and Rebuilding Services

In many cases, components can be difficult to replace or repair, even by the manufacturer's designated repair service provider. E Manufacturing Co. has experience in providing repair, replacement, and rebuilding services for unusual and critical components used by companies throughout the country. Here are some of the items our staff handles:

  • Air, Gas, and Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Arc Chutes
  • Contacts and Switches
  • Interrupters
  • New and Repaired Valve Seats
  • Operating Mechanisms
  • Reclosers and Regulators
  • Tap Changers

Contact us for more information about our specialized high voltage component services. Based in Mentor, Ohio, we proudly offer our services to customers throughout the nation.