About Us

E Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1969 as a general contract machine shop based in Cleveland, Ohio. By using the latest CNC manufacturing equipment for turning, milling, and large machining, our team of experienced industrial fabrication specialists is able to machine parts that can exceed 22 feet in length and 5 feet in diameter.

Our 23,000-square-foot facility ensures a consistent environment for high-quality work, giving us the ability to control every variable that goes into creating your components. Our quality control equipment is designed according to the Bureau of Standards’ specifications. It is regularly calibrated to maximize our accuracy during production. We consider it an obligation to use nothing but the best numerically controlled and manual equipment available to provide our customer with the most durable, reliable parts and components. Since 1980, we have been serving major electric companies with locations ranging from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. It is our goal to keep your business running!

Contact our fabrication specialists for more information about our custom fabrication company. Based in Mentor, Ohio, we proudly offer our services to customers throughout the nation.